ashley suzanne taylor was born 3 weeks late in indianpolis, indiana during the blizzard of ’79 and she still prefers warm weather and thunderstorms to this day. ashley got her first polaroid camera in 1988. it was a pink and gray ‘cool cam’, which still sits alongside her collection of vintage cameras. today, however, her camera of choice is a rollei loaded with 120 color film.

ashley finds solace behind the camera. she has a great eye for detail and is constantly inspired by color, nostalgia, and imperfection. she hopes to have viewers take notice of, and find beauty in the ordinary, and make the extrordinary seem a bit more ordinary. her work has been featured in magazines such as wondertime and readymade, and her photography and design have been recognized by the int'l photography awards and pdn magazine.

when ashley is not shooting or editing you can usually find her sailing her cal25 she calls pigeon, catching a movie, or baking one of her favorite sweet treats. as for home life, her three cats sampson, gizmo, and betty pretty much run the place.